Bi-stable solenoid ME-BBD

Energy saving, bi-stable solenoid lock ME-BBD

Locks, bolts, change of position. For indoor use in appliances, rooms or enclosures.

Bi-stable solenoid lock (two-position) of type ME-BBD is an assembly of solenoid and permanent magnets. The important property of the ME-BBD bi-stable solenoid lock is temporary energy consumption, only while changing the position (electric DC pulse). Keeping position does not require any supply.

- Changing the state needs temporary coil supply with DC pulse. Direction of the move is polarity dependent.
- Maintaining the edge position does not require power supply.


Variant 1 2 3
Rated coil power [W] 30 30 38
Min. switching current [A] 0,5 0,8 1,2
Rated voltage [VDC] 24 (max. 30V)
Min. position keeping force [N] 8 20 35
Starting force current dependent
Stroke[mm] 6 5 5
Working time parameter ED [%] 10 ( i.e.1s ON / 9s OFF)
Protection level IP 20
Min. switching energy [J] 6 12 26

It is possible to adapt / adjust the mounting brackets or operational parameters to a certain extent.

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