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Electrical wholesalers

LECTRICAL WHOLESALERS in Poland form a very extensive network of flows of electrotechnical products from small size products for the power industry, such as low current transformers, to big size energy products such as with larger dimensions, such as switchboards
and transformer stations as well as oil and dry transformers.

FANINA S.A. has been operating on the Polish market since 1959 – owing to this, it has managed to develop lasting relationships with our trusted distributors – electrical wholesalers. Thanks to them, it is possible to reach end recipients with our products on the Polish market. They do not always source goods directly from producers, but decide to purchase products at wholesalers who offer a wide selection of products from many manufacturing companies.

By selling our low voltage current transformers to our partner wholesalers immediately after the production process, we reduce the storage cost to a minimum and the products go directly into the market circulation at the competitive prices.

The high quality of our products means that they are also popular among retail customers with whom the electrical wholesalers have direct contact. They organize special sales and have their own discounts, thanks to which customers can purchase our products within special promotion schemes.

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If the presented applications of our products are close to your requirements but they do not fully meet them – please contact us. Today most of our products are created in cooperation with our clients.

Our partners also include: