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Catenary de-icing overlay FAN-NL


De-icing overlay FAN-NL-B3 (B8) is designed for standard locomotive power collector that meets the requirements of  PN-EN 50367:2006 v.B3 and B8 standard.

Thanks to smart construction and very simple and fast installing process, it protects the delicate carbon contact shoe from ice and rime formed on the catenary wire during heavy weather conditions.

It is the only solution on the market, patented by F.A.E. “FANINA” S.A., designed as a remedy for railway operational problems caused by climate disorders.


De-icing overlay can be made in two following variants:

– FAN-NL-B3 for assembly onto B3 type pantograph slipper,

– FAN-NL-B8 for assembly onto B8 type pantograph slipper.

There is a possibility to design and produce de-icing overlay for any other type of slipper, according to the client specific reqiurements.

The complete set of the de-icing slipper consists of a dural clamp, a replaceable de-icing brass blade and set of fixings. Such a solution guarantees proper strength and stiffness of the overlay and allows easy cutting blade change during regeneration.

  • length of the blade  : 800 mm
  • total weight  : 1.200 kg



– 3.1 certificate

If the presented product is close to your requirements, but does not quite meet them – please contact us. Today most of our products are created in cooperation with our clients.