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Electromagnetic separator / lifter SOE-200-90


  1. Separator (primary purpose) – removal of scrap iron from non-magnetic bulk or shredded materials, for example nails from woodchip transported on a conveyor.
  2. Magnetic lifter (optional prupose) – the separator can be used for lifting or handling ferrous, flat surface items.

The device consists of a body and a core made of low carbon steel with a set of built-in coils. The non-magnetic bottom plate is used as a protection of the coils against impacts of the pulled-out, intercepted ferromagnetic particles. The separator should be hanged or attached to a chassis (attaching to a metal structure improves heat dissipation from the separator’s body, increasing the efficiency of the device) at a height of up to 50mm above the separated material. Turning off the power releases the attracted particles that are free to fall under their weight. When working as a lifter, the lower non-magnetic plate should be removed, and the lifted object should directly adjoin the inner and outer part of the lower plane of the device (before turning on the power).


  • Rated voltage: 120V 50Hz* (or power equivalent DC)
  • Rated power: 140W
  • IP rating: IP65
  • Wotk time: ED 100%
  • Built-in thermal switch (disconnects the power in case of coils overheating)**
  • Cable gland for 3G1 or 3G1,5 cables with a diameter of 4,5mm to 10mm

* It is possible to supply the separator with a 230VAC power regulator.
** Only versions marked with “T”

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