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Magnetic springs SM-1430


Magnetic springs SM-1430 are passive automation components used to compensate for the force of gravity in vertically oriented drive axes. They generate constant force throughout the working range, regardless of position, speed or mounting direction. SM-1430 can cooperate with a linear motor type MG in a vertical position (parallel to its axis), thus balancing the weight of its shaft. As a result, the motor does not need to spend additional energy to hold the shaft in a given position, and the system response time can be shorter. If the spring force is greater than the weight carried, the spring serves to stop the falling mass in the event of a power failure.


  • Passive (does not require electricity or other medium)
  • Constant force over the entire working stroke (unlike a Mechanical spring where the force is variable)
  • Symmetrical (mounting in any direction)
  • Maintenance-free (does not wear out)


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