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Thermal treatment

We perform heat treatment according to processes developed by the customer as well as we develop processes ourselves according to the customer’s assumptions.

We offer:

  • hardening
  • tempering
  • annealing
  • normalization.

Technical data of the larger furnace:

  • internal dimensions: 750 x 850 x height 450 mm
  • charge weight – up to 200 kg
  • maximum temperature – 1250 oC
  • oven without a protective atmosphere
  • the possibility of precise programming of the heat treatment process thanks to computer control
  • possibility of printing the process flow.

After heat treatment, we perform a hardness test with a Rockwell hardness tester – measurement with a 120o diamond cone on a C scale for HRC hardness from 20 to 70.

If the presented product is close to your requirements, but does not quite meet them – please contact us. Today most of our products are created in cooperation with our clients.