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The GSN‐4Lok receptacle and the associated ASWP‐4Lok double-plug cable represent a variant of ZW‐2 train heating coupler unit dedicated to new-generation locomotives where now, instead of the former distribution box with a cable and plug and an ASO Dummy Receptacle, only the second identical socket is used at the face of the locomotive, to its left-hand side, and the auxiliary equipment is a double-plug cable to be used when there is a need for emergency connection between the locomotive and a carriage.

As the solution used so far has a significant fault related to the electric shock hazard in the event when the double-plug cable insulation gets damaged, FAE FANINA S.A. has developed a solution consisting of GSN‐4Lok Receptacle and ASWP‐4Lok cable, which completely eliminates the electric shock hazard, as it makes the earthing circuits be connected before the current circuits during the operation of joining the coupler.

The GSN‐4Lok receptacle is fitted with a double earth contact,

and its earth contacts are connected with earthed socket housing. The GSN‐4Lok receptacle does not receive a typical ASWP plug compliant with UIC 552 standard; only the special plug with a double earth contact that the cable’s earthing wire and plug handle are joined to can be connected. This imposes proper connection and correct sequence of connecting the coupler. Such a connection is used in case of an emergency when there is no possibility to connect heating circuits using the right (typical) locomotive socket that the cable with plug is connected to during normal operation.

The GSN‐4Lok receptacle also fulfils all functions of a typical GSN Receptacle with signalling switch of attached plug.

GSN-4Lok receptacle

Permissible permanent current load

Range of ambient temperature:

Current „I” (A)

below -10oC


-10oC ÷ 15oC


15oC ÷ 30oC


30oC ÷ 50oC


Other technical data

Rated voltage

3kV for direct or alternate current

Test voltage

12kV for 1 minute

Protection class



11,5 kg














ASWP‐4Lok is a special double-plug version of the heating coupler connector where one plug is dedicated to connection with GSN‐4Lok receptacle mounted on the left-hand side of locomotive (with earth contacts) and the other one is a standard plug in compliance with UIC 552 card. The connector consists of HV cable with the main conductor of 1 x 185mm² and the earth conductor of min. 25mm², which prevents from electric shock if voltage appears in the handle.

aswp-loc2 rysunek.tifWhen connecting the heating circuits with this set, first should be connected plug to the receptacle GSN-4Lok. The imposed sequence of connecting the earthing circuits before the current ones ensures safety to the operator. In case of a damage to the cable or plug insulation. The second (typical) plug of the cable should be connected to the receptacle of the second (supplied) vehicle.


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