History at a glance

The today's Electromechanical Apparatus Factory FANINA S.A. in Przemyśl was established
in 1959. Our next incarnations have been:

from 1959 to 1968       High Voltage Camera Production Plants - Przemyśl Branch of the Dimitrov

from 1968 to 1976       Low Voltage Electrical Apparatus Factory - FANINA

from 1976 to 1982       Fabryka Pras Automatycznych PONAR – PLASOMAT – Zakład nr 6

from 1982 to 1998       PONAR Automatic Press Factory - PLASOMAT - Plant No. 6

from 1998                      FANINA S.A. Electromechanical Equipment Factory


Not only our names but also organizational affiliations have changed for over 60 years. However, our main business profile has not changed: production of electrotechnical products and machine components. Our diligence in ensuring adequate quality and technological level of products and services has not changed either.

Currently, the company's strategy being intensive product development based on advanced research and development and investments in specialized machinery.

Basic company data:


FANINA S.A. Electromechanical Equipment Factory

Adress: 37-700 Przemyśl, street: Jasińskiego 18, e-mail adress:

NIP: 7950201248

REGON: 000037629

KRS: 0000100877

BDO: 000023093


Bank account: PEKAO SA nr:

  • 53124025681111000036293193 (PLN)
  • 31124025681978000036293210 (EUR)
  • 39124025681787000036293207 (USD)


Sunday, 25 September 2022

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